José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa


Present Position: Senior Staff Astronomer


2021-23 Ascription to the IAA

1999-21 Senior Staff Astronomer, IAC

1994-99 GTC 10m Project Scientist, Tenerife, Spain

1991-94 Head, Research Division, IAC, Tenerife, Spain

1989-91 Research Staff Astronomer, IAC, Tenerife, Spain

1987-89 Assoc. Professor (Tenured), U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain

1985-87 Scientific Fellow, European Southern Observatory, Germany

1983-85 Fullbright Scholar, U. of California San Diego, USA

1983-84 Physics Instructor, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, USA

1979-83 Research Assistant, U. of California San Diego, USA

1977-79 del Amo Foundation Fellow, U. of California San Diego, USA

1976-77 Teaching Assistant, U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain


More than 150 research papers and invited lectures in Astrophysics

Main areas of interest: Active Galaxies, Star-formation in galaxies, Instrumentation, The high-z Universe

PI of a Consolider-Ingenio grant “First Science with the GTC” (5.5M€, MICINN, Spain)

Co-Investigator of ISOPHOT, a space instrument flown by the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO).

Editor, Instrumentation for Large Telescopes, 1997 Cambridge Univ. Press

Title of Talk

 “ IAU. The IUA is more than the eye sees”


"how the IAU works, and how the IAU is organized as well as its activities”