Liu Jing

Liu Jing-Photo

Liu Jing, is engaged in the study of space debris environmental modelling and space debris optical telescope observation and space objects conjunction risk analysis methods. She is chief scientist of Space Debris Observation and Data Application Center at National Astronomical Observatory of the China Academy of Sciences, and Working Group 2 delegate of Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) , space debris expert of CNSA in LTS Working Group of UN COPUOS committee, and representative of China of the United Nations SMPAG Steering Committee.

Title of Talk

“The observations of the space debris and the near earth objects”


“This paper introduces the characteristics and motion laws of space debris and near-Earth objects, discusses the feasibility of using astronomical optical telescopes to carry out comprehensive observations, introduces the specification parameters and observation status of the Yaoguang Telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory in China, and looks forward to the future of time-domain astronomy research on fast-moving and changing celestial bodies using the telescope.”