Priya Hasan


Dr. Priya Hasan is an Asst. Professor in Physics at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad, India. She did her Integrated Masters from the Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, PhD at Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2004 and post-doctoral research in France and IUCAA, Pune. She was awarded the Women Scientist Award by DST in 2006. She has presented her work in various conferences in India, Europe and US and in the United Nations, Vienna. Her research interests are in observational astronomy, star formation, star clusters and galaxies. She is actively involved in olympiads, public outreach and science popularization programs and has worked on various projects with the IAU-OAD, US Consulate Hyderabad, etc. She is the co-Chair of the Women in Astronomy WG- IAU and member of the Public Outreach and Education Committee, Astronomical Society of India and ISDT-TMT.

Title of Talk

“ Star Clusters: The Rosetta Stone of Stellar Evolution “


“ Star clusters are unique laboratories made of stars born from the same molecular cloud, at the same distance and of the same chemical composition, differing only in mass. Hertzsprung Russell diagrams of star clusters are excellent tracers of stellar evolution which enable us to find distances and ages of star clusters using isochrones. In this talk, I shall give a brief overview of research on the formation, evolution, and dynamics of star clusters at the Kottamia Observatory. I shall conclude with the most recent results obtained with Gaia data and the open questions on the studies of star clusters. “